Love Session – Engagement Session

Not everyone feels at ease in front of a camera and this is perfectly normal…

Yet, on your wedding day you will be a star, all eyes and cameras will be turned toward you and it is important to prepare so that you can feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible on your big day.

The love session is a photo session of approximately 2 to 3 hours if being held in Switzerland and approximately 4 to 5 hours if we travel abroad.

The session takes place before the wedding, in everyday clothing and aims of course at creating beautiful images of your love in the day-to-day, but even more important, it aims at creating a connection and learning about each other so that the photos taken on your wedding day are an absolute success.

The Love session gives you the opportunity to tame the objective and become accustomed to its presence, it also allows me to discover who you are and plan a more personalized approach for the big day.